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  • AFTERNOON OF MUSIC - Sunday, July 8th - at Our Lady of Light Cultural Centre, 6458, route 315, Mulgrave and Derry, QC from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm featuring Nicolas Charette-Côté, pianist, organist and percussionist. This 15-year-old gifted musician is starting his 8th year at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto and is a member of the concert band, L’harmonie Contre-Temps, and jazz band, Contre - Temps Jazz at Hormisdas Gamelin High School in Buckingham. He will “tickle the ivories” sharing his musical renditions of “the oldies retro” to “classics” to “modern”. Something for everyone to enjoy! Nicolas is currently the pianist at St. Malachy’s parish and the second organist at St-Grégoire de Naziance. Tickets available in advance from Peter Cameron (819) 986-7828 or Brenda Miller (819) 986-7358.

  • FAMILY GATHERING AND MUSICAL AFTERNOON - Saturday, September 8th - In addition, two musical guests, corn on the cob and hot dogs on the BBQ will be served. Tickets to the event will be $10.

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