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Our Lady of Victory   St. Malachy
Sunday - 9:00 A.M.   Saturday - 7:00 P.M.

F O O D   F O R   T H O U G H T

Reading I Wisdom 2.12, 17-20
Responsorial Psalm The Lord upholds my life
Reading II James 3.16 – 4.3
Gospel Mark 9.30-37
Food for Thought
  • This is a call to a life of radical humility and service, following the pattern of Jesus’ own life
  • How do I hear his call to be “last of all and servant of all”? Does it challenge me? Does it leave me insecure? Do I feel I’m at the bottom of the heap anyway?
  • Can I hear the tender challenge of Jesus calling me to join him in his way of living?

September 24th, 2006

William Marrevee s.c.j.
490 Charles Street
Gatineau, Québec J8L 2K5
Monday and Thursday 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
(819) 986-3763
(819) 986-9889

A sincere welcome to those who are new among us. We hope you find a warm and welcoming faith-home with us. Please introduce yourself after Mass and call the Rectory to register.

M A S S       S C H E D U L E

WED. Sept. 27th - 9:00 a.m. OLV Siobhan Burke by Tom & Isabel Laframboise
SAT. Sept. 30th - 7:00 p.m. St. Malachy Anthony McMann (22nd Anniversary) by the family
Kurtis Corrigan (1st Anniversary) by Mom & Dad
SUN. Oct. 1st - 9:00 a.m. OLV Rita Weatherdon (6th Anniversary) by Shirley, Rolly & Philip
Anne Marrevee by Alma Miller & family

Welcome to those who want to make our parish their faith home. You may have come from other places. You may have been ‘away for a while’. Be assured that we would love to have you among us.

We would appreciate it very much if you identified yourself at Mass. It would also help if you would take the time to fill out a registration form. The next time you are with us, you may leave it in the collection basket or give it to one of the ushers or to the priest.

Thank you and welcome.

This Saturday evening / Sunday morning we spend some extra time on what as a parish we want to keep in focus: the four poles of parish life. To be reminded of what our joint Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) has coordinated and encouraged during the past year in our two parishes is a good way of starting this pastoral year. We do not have to start all over again with new things. We like to build on what we have done in previous years, always keeping in mind that we basically, operate from the inspiration provided by our bishop in his document Discovering Jesus Christ: The Path to Freedom. It is quite a task, but well worth the effort.

In this context, it may be helpful to keep in mind an observation made by one commentator on “what the Pope is up to”. He observed that “two related themes have begun to define this Pope’s pontificate: first, that God must be given a central place in every human endeavour, beginning with family life and extending even into the realm of scientific research; and second, that the Catholic Church must be more attentive to its inner life of prayer in order to better undergird its vast array of social projects and other activities.” I like to think that the efforts of our PPC fit into that quite well.

We are invited, in the weekend of 23-24 September, to donate generously to the Bishops’ Collection for the Needs of the Church of Canada. The money collected will help finance the activities of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), an organization that plays a unique role within our Church. Created by and for the Bishops, the CCCB allows them to combine their efforts and to speak with one voice at the service of the new evangelization. For more information go to

If you do not use collection envelopes and decide to make a donation, you may want to put your contribution in an envelope marked “for the Needs of the Church in Canada”.

October 22nd is the Sunday for our next baptisms. Over the years we have developed a series of three evenings of reflection in preparation for the celebration of baptism. Some call it a preparation course, but that is such an unfortunate description.

After all, in order to be baptized you do not need to go to school; you do need to get in touch with Jesus Christ and with what he is all about. In other words, it is not “a course you have to pass”. We would like to think that the format we have developed gives the parents an opportunity to take a second look at their own baptism and why they want to have their daughter/son baptized. Baptism can no longer be taken for granted. Nor is baptism “something you do” around the birth of a child. There is so much more to it.

We hope that in the evenings of reflection we can in some small way convey to the parents the immense significance of our own baptism and of that of their children. The evenings of reflection take place on Monday, September 25th, October 2nd and 16th.

We count on the prayerful support and interest of the parish.

In most churches the Book of Readings for Sunday Mass (the so-called Lectionary)is brought in at the entrance procession. We normally follow a slightly different procedure. We bring it in a little later on its own, while we sing an appropriate acclamation to welcome the Word of God. Why?

It has to do with the make-up of the Mass. There are basically two parts in the Mass. The first part of the Mass centers around the Word of God; the second part centers around the altar and the bread and wine. Both parts are equally important. These two parts of the Mass are preceded by what is called the Introductory Rites: entrance song, sign of the Cross, greeting, word of introduction, penitential rite or litany, Gloria (in high seasons and on feast days), and Opening Prayer. These Introductory Rites are meant to help us assemble as the Body of Christ

Once we have got ourselves together as the Body of Christ we are ready to welcome the Book that will be the focus of our attention for the next twenty minutes or so. We make “a bit of a fuss about it” by lifting it high, accompanying it with a candle and the sung acclamation “Glory to Christ, eternal Word/Son!Light of the living God” to which we respond “Glory to you, 0 Lord.” All this to highlight that as Christians we are a “People of the Book”. (This aspect gets sort of lost or obscured, if we bring in the Book of Readings during the Introductory Rites.)

Is this our invention? Not really. I got it some years ago from a workshop with the eminent liturgist Father Joseph Gelineau S.J. The way he explained it convinced me of the appropriateness of this little ritual. Yes, it is optional, but it makes a lot of sense.

It is not immediately noticeable from the street, but if you look from the back of the rectory, you can see that the Eric Varin roofing company did a fine job. And they were quick. They did it in three long days with good weather. Perhaps there are a few things that the more expert eye may see as needing a bit of work yet, but it certainly is a vast improvement compared to the rather dismal state that part of the roof was in. Mind you, it costs us a fair bit of money too! Let us hope it is money well spent.

Sponsored by both parishes on Friday Oct.20 2006. Cocktails will be from 5 to 6:30, p.m., followed by dinner at 6:30 in OLV church hall. The cost is $12.00 per person, Children 6-12, $6:00 and under six is free. Parishioners, please get your tickets early as this event is open to the public. Raffle tickets will be going on sale for a Painting and Needlepoint Tapestry.

At the meeting held on September 14th 2006, a new Executive was elected.

Membership is as follows:
  • Chairperson - Gale Pearson
  • Vice Chairperson - Joan Teske
  • Secretary - Linda Cameron
  • Ellen Butler
  • Diane Bedard-Cameron
  • Jean Duimigan
  • Paul Jeffrey
  • Fr. Bill

The Council, as a consultative body to the Pastor and in co-responsibility with the Pastor, provides leadership, direction, education, resources and encouragement in the parishes’ accomplishment of their mission as expressed under the four poles of church life: liturgy, faith formation, fellowship and transformation (service/outreach) in accordance with the vision of the Church of Gatineau-Hull. The Council consists of 6 to 8 elected lay Council members and the term of office is 3 years.

We are presently looking for new membership. Please take some time to reflect on how you can participate more fully in the life of our parish and do not hesitate to contact any one of us for more information.

- To Hugh McFaul who celebrates his 88th birthday today.
- To Paul Andre & Leonne Lanthier who will celebrate their 51st Wedding Anniversary on October 1st.

If interested call Evelyn Robitaille at 986-2477.

W E E K L Y     R E C E I P T S
  Date Collection OLV St. Malachy

Sept. 10th Regular $ 467    $ 394.25   
Sept. 17th Regular $ 498    $ 476.25   

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