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Our Lady of Victory
Sunday - 9:00 A.M.
Saturday - 7:00 P.M.

F O O D   F O R   T H O U G H T

Reading I Isaiah 63.16b-17; 64.1, 3-8 Responsorial Psalm Lord, make us turn to you: Let us see your face and we shall be saved.
Reading II I Corinthians 1. 3-9 Gospel Mark 13. 31-37
Food for Thought
  • There are a lot of mixed emotions expressed in this passage, and strong open repentance, regret, yearning, pleading. Do any of them express what I a feeling now?
  • Most of all this passage is asking God to make his presence known.
  • God is present here now, listening to me. What do I want to say?


490 Charles Street
Gatineau, Québec J8L 2K5
Monday and Thursday - 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Wednesday - 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
(819) 986-3763
(819) 961-3159

Welcome to those who want to make our parish their faith home. You may have come from other places. You may have been “away for a while”. Be assured that we love to have you among us. We would appreciate it very much if you identified yourself at Mass. It would also help if you would take the time to fill out a registration form. The next time you are with us, you may leave it in the collection basket or give it to one of the ushers or to the priest. Thank you and welcome.

M A S S       S C H E D U L E

WED. Dec. 03rd - 11:00 a.m. OLV Maurice Maloney by Moira Swiateck
All Parishioners of OLV & St. Malachy
SAT. Dec. 06th - 07:00 p.m. St. Malachy Iris Butler by Elaine & Denis
SUN. Dec. 07th - 09:00 a.m. OLV Deceased members of the Doherty & Butler family by Lyall, Wayne & Elaine
Rose Carriere by Harold & Bobbie Farnand
Nan Sicard by Bride Lefebvre

At the beginning of the month of November, Mgr Ebacher visited the pastoral regions of the diocese to meet with all the priests and to present to them the pastoral orientation of the diocese in what concerns the celebration of the sacrament of confession and the general absolution.

In his letter dated 22 October 2008, the archbishop confirms that after serious considerations, discussions with the ''Conseil Presbyteral” and prayers, he considers, at this present time, that the conditions required by the “Mottu Proprio” of John Paul II and accepted by the decree of the “CECC” so that a third form of the sacrament of confessions (community celebration with general absolution) will no longer be optional in our diocese. Therefore, the Archbishop asked that all Parishes cease the practice of the confession of its third form (general absolution) beginning the first Sunday of Advent (30 November 2008).

On the 12th of November 1974, Mgr Adolph Proulx had authorized the general absolution as described in the ritual of Paul VI, The diocese official Web site contains all the appropriate references, including the letter from Mgr Ebadcher.

The PENITENTIAL SERVICE will take place Friday, Dec. 5th. at 7:00 p.m. at OLV, followed by INDIVIDUAL CONFESSIONS.

Fr. Gyan will also be available for the sacrament of reconciliation, one half hour before mass (6:30 p.m. at St. Malachy & 8:30 a.m. at OLV} during each of the weekends of Advent.


What is Advent? Advent means coming. During the four weeks before Christmas, we look forward to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ as king and judge at the end of time and to our Christmas celebration of his coming as our saviour 2,000 years ago. Advent is a period of four weeks of prayer and preparation, of renewal and of looking forward to the coming of the Lord Jesus among us, his beloved people.

During Advent, a season of renewal, we open our hearts to Jesus in prayer, and show by our actions each day that we are his. We try to love other people more, and to be more patient and understanding. We pray for others, especially those who are close to us, and ask God to help them to grow in love. During Advent, God is inviting us to change our lives and our hearts. Each day we should look at our faults and weaknesses and ask our Father to help us to follow Jesus more closely.

Advent is not a time of penance like Lent. It is a season of renewal, when God invites us to let Jesus come into our hearts and make us more like him. It is a season of quiet expectation; we live it in the expectation of the fullness of joy to come.

Some practical suggestions to consider:
  • Why not try to begin or improve your prayer as individuals and as a family? Each of us could begin and end the day in prayer. As a family, we could pray together at least once a day. Try to pray grace before and after meals. Read the daily gospel reading and pray about it.

  • As well as taking part in the Sunday celebration, why not try to go to Mass more often during Advent? If someone is sick at home, arrange to have communion brought several times during this season.
Over the centuries people have developed customs which help us to live according to the spirit of this season. You may want to try one or more of these in your home.
  • Advent wreath. A wreath of evergreens with four candles is prepared. One candle is lighted on the first Sunday, and one more on each of the following Sundays.

  • Jesse tree. A branch or large plant is decorated with symbols of Christ’s ancestors. As each is prepared and hung, the story of this person is told.

  • Advent calendar. We may make a calendar to mark the days as we move gradually to the celebration of our saviour’s coming.

  • Cards. When buying and sending Christmas cards, we make sure they reflect the meaning of the feast. It is the birth of Christ (not of Santa, reindeer, puppies, or snowmen) that we are celebrating.

  • Decorations. Our home decorations may include a cross of lights in the window or near the tree.

  • Gifts. Instead of being caught up in a whirl of spending, consider giving presents that you yourself make, knit, sew, cook, draw, write or construct. Give a book that will lead a person to reflect a little more. Make a donation to a worthy cause in someone’s name. Write, call or visit someone who is sick or shut in.

  • Preparing the crib. During the last few days before Christmas, we may prepare the crib in a place of honour in our home. It remains empty; the figures are not placed in it until Christmas comes.
Advent is season of joy and hope for all who follow Jesus. We must be careful not to lose sight of the true meaning of the season as the world around us hustles to buy and sell, to have parties and plan vacations. Advent is a time to renew our life in Christ and to thank God for saving us in Jesus; it is a reason for asking God to save all people and for praying for peace in the world.

This is the way in which Jesus wants us to make a straight way for him in our hearts as we await his coming.

Candles are available at the entrance of the church today and next week for $5:00 per box.

The Sunday Missals & the Sunday Missals for Young Catholics are available and will be sold at the entrance of the Church. The cost is $6:00.

The Parish of St. Malachy would hereby like to gratefully acknowledge generous donations from the estate of Susan Burke to the Committee responsible for the management of the Parish, as well as to the committees which manage the Cemetery and the Shrine to Our Lady of Knock. Her kindness will long be remembered by members of this community.

Please note that 2 wardens are required at OLV for full terms and there will be one vacancy for a one year term. If you wish to become a warden you may call the office at 986-3763 or contact one of the wardens. If you know someone who might like to become a warden and help his/her parish in that capacity, you may nominate that person, but please have their acceptance prior to the nomination.

Please note that 2 wardens are also required at St.Malachy for a three year term and there will be one vacancy for a one year term. If you wish to become a warden you may call the office at (819)986-3763 or contact one of the wardens. If you know someone who might like to become a warden and help his/her parish in that capacity, you may nominate that person, but please have their acceptance prior to the nomination /P>

     TIME - 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
     PLACE - OLV Church hall
     COST - Adults: $4:00; Students: $2:50; Under 6 years: free

Please note that the church doors will be open at 8:00 a.m. the day of the tea in order for you to drop of your goodies. If you have not been contacted, please consider this our request to you. The Society.

Running out of ideas for Christmas Gifts? How about giving our Parish Cookbook! Contact Monique at 819-986-3166 or the office at 819-986-3763 to purchase a book for $10:00.

If you wish to donate for Christmas Flowers a basket will be at the be at the top of the stairs for your donations.

Monday and Thursday:   1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Wednesday:   9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Telephone messages are picked up on a regular basis throughout the week.

If you have any items for the bulletin, please send them to Alma at before Wednesday afternoon.

W E E K L Y     R E C E I P T S
  Date Collection OLV St. Malachy

     Nov. 22/23 Sunday $   502.00    $   322.00   
     Nov. 22/23 Fuel    468.00       197.00   
     Nov. 22/23 Missals    90.00     

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