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Our Lady of Victory
Sunday - 9:00 A.M.
Saturday - 7:00 P.M.

F O O D   F O R   T H O U G H T

Reading I Leviticus 19.1-2, 17-18 Responsorial Psalm The Lord is merciful and gracious!
Reading II 1 Corinthians 3.16-23 Gospel Matthew 5.38-48
Food for Thought

How do I respond to these teachings in the Sermon on the Mount? To dismiss them as idealistic, impractical, too radical? How do I face the challenge they offer?

Here is the lesson of the Cross in front of me. When I see these things in the transforming light of Jesus, lifted up on the Cross, some things are reversed but all things are different.


490 Charles Street
Gatineau, Québec J8L 2K5
Monday and Thursday - 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Wednesday - 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
(819) 986-3763
(819) 961-3159


Welcome to those who want to make our parish their faith home. You may have come from other places. You may have been “away for a while”. Be assured that we love to have you among us. We would appreciate it very much if you identified yourself at Mass. It would also help if you would take the time to fill out a registration form. The next time you are with us, you may leave it in the collection basket or give it to one of the ushers or to the priest.

Thank you and welcome.

M A S S       S C H E D U L E

SAT. Feb. 26th - 07:00 p.m. St. Malachy Benjamin French by Pearl and family
Harvey Weatherdon – 31st anniversary by Shirley, Roland & Philip
SUN. Feb. 27th - 09:00 a.m. OLV Ann Smallian Sellers – 3rd anniversary by Erma and family
Elmer Delcourt – 4th anniversary by Kay and family
Veronica Belter by Ed and Susan Lemieux

If you wish to have a receipt, please provide us with a self-addressed stamped envelope. You may drop this into the collection basket or drop it off at the office.

Please note that due to the increase in cost of these candles, we will be asking for a donation of $2.50 instead of the current donation of $2.00 starting this month.


The O’Neil Heritage Cemetery is located on Church Street in Buckingham and is managed by Our Lady of Victory Parish. In 1836, the O’Neil family donated 10 acres of land for a church, priest house and cemetery and some substantive farming. The cemetery covered an area of approximately 2.5 acres.

In the Parish ledger, there are the names of 674 people who were buried on the site. It is thought that there may be up to 800 people who were buried in the site, but that number has never been confirmed. The cemetery was operational from 1844 to 1879. It is believed that, at one time, the cemetery contained a grand total of 200 monuments and iron and wooden crosses, many of which were destroyed prior to Our Lady of Victory Parish taking over responsibility for the gravesite. In the early 1980’s, a major effort was undertaken to restore as many monuments as possible. All bits and pieces of monuments that were found were embedded in 4 concrete slabs around the central monument. There are 44 monuments that remain intact.

Responsibility for the cemetery was transferred to Our Lady of Victory Parish by Bishop Paul E. Charbonneau on April 22nd 1964. The cemetery was designated a “Historical Site” by the Town of Buckingham on September 8th 1964. Among those buried in the cemetery were Mary O’Farrell in 1856 and Ann Brady in1867, mother and sister of Father John Brady, the first Parish priest.

The wardens are looking at two major capital items this year, as follows:

  • Upgrading of Bathrooms in the Basement - At present, a study is being undertaken on how to make the two bathrooms in the basement more accommodating, primarily for the elderly. Once plans are finalized, they will be communicated to parishioners.

  • Fence along Joseph Street Property – Plans will be developed to build a fence along the church property line where the cedar hedge was located. This project will also be discussed with parishioners.

OLV ROOF PROJECT - A Surprise Gift
This past week, we were surprised to receive a cheque for $2,000 from Les Soeurs de la Visitation d’Ottawa. There is a story behind this donation. A friend of our parish, who wishes to remain anonymous, has business dealings with the Sisters. He mentioned to them that he was thinking of donating money to the two churches in Buckingham who were raising funds for roof repairs. The Sisters, under the leadership of Soeur Suzanne-Christine Proulx, wanted to support the two churches and proposed a donation of $2,000 to each church. We are touched by the Sisters’ generosity and appreciative for the support of a friend to our parish. Both demonstrate a spirit of charity.

In total as of this week, the amount raised is $19,200 – we have already surpassed our target of $18,000. This is more money than the Wardens ever dreamed would be collected. The Valentine’s Dance will be the last fund-raising event and will signal the end of our campaign.

As our parishioners are aware, we have been working closely with the wardens of St-Grégoire to try to find families for gravesites where there is no family contact on record. Our partnership has been very successful, as the cemetery manager has received numerous calls from our parishioners and other English-speaking families.

However, they are concerned about the persistent rumours that monuments will be removed if there is no family contact. This rumour is false, as we have been assured that there is no plan to remove monuments. In fact, the cemetery manager is planning to work with the Buckingham Historical Society to start to identify historical gravesites. We have been asked to reassure our parishioners that monuments will remain in place.


ST. PATRICK’S TEA - Our St. Pat’s Tea will be held on Saturday, March 19th – please reserve this date for an afternoon of fun and friendship.

GOSPEL MATTERS CONCERT - Concert at OLV Church on Saturday, April 30th at 7:00 pm with Lyoness Woodstock and the Gospel Matters Band, featuring Judy Woodstock and Russ Orange.

HEART & SOUL GOSPEL CHOIR SPRING CONCERT - Concert at OLV Church on Thursday, May 12th at 7:00 pm.

SPRING SUPPER AND BALLOON AUCTION - To be held in OLV Hall on Friday, May 20th – more information to follow.

At the St. Pat’s Tea, there will be a table set up to purchase Salsa and butter tarts and a few handmade items. All proceeds from that table will go to Cancer for the Relay for Life. The Relay for Life will be held on Friday, June 10th, 2011 under the Brady Bridge. All are invited to attend this event either as walkers or visitors. Please note that soft drink cans, beer and soft drink bottles are still being collected by Monique and all money raised goes to this event.

A local group headed by Carolyn Maloney is collecting plastic milk bags in aid of Haiti. These bags, the outer bags containing the actual milk bags, will be made into sleep mats for Haitians. 250 bags are needed to make a single sleep mat. Containers will be left at the entrances to both churches to collect these milk bags. Once enough bags are collected, a call will be go out for persons willing to crochet the mats.

Monday and Thursday:   1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Wednesday:   9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Telephone messages are picked up on a regular basis throughout the week.

If you have any items for the bulletin, please send them to Alma at before Wednesday afternoon.

W E E K L Y     R E C E I P T S

  Date Collection OLV St. Malachy

     Feb. 12/13 Sunday $   455.00 $   202.00

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