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Statement of Apology by the Catholic Bishops of Canada to the Indigenous Peoples of This Land

Continuing our Path to Normalcy at Our Lady of Victory Church
15 August 2021
  • Over the past few weeks, you will have noticed changes as we inch towards normalcy.

  • Seating spaces are now 1 meter apart instead of 2 meters, in compliance with the new protocol. This allows for an increase in seating capacity to 78 which includes volunteers.

  • As a result of the new seating arrangements, parishioners will no longer be required to reserve a seat by advising the secretary and will be able to choose their own seating upon arrival. There will no longer be a plan allocating seating for attendees.

  • The spots to sit in the pews are still marked with a white ribbon. However, a single person can only choose to sit at a single ribbon and a couple can only choose to sit at a double ribbon. Triples would sit in the chairs for three persons.

  • Another notable change is we now have a Cantor. Linda Raby has graciously accepted the role of Cantor. Under the new protocol, only Linda is permitted to sing.

  • In the short-term, Ushers and Greeters will be available to provide information on the new seating arrangements and to ensure compliance with masking, sanitation and contact tracing requirements.


Location    Day    Date    Time*    Comments

St. Malachy    Saturday    Oct. 23rd    7:00 p.m.      
Our Lady of Victory    Sunday    Oct. 24th    9:00 a.m.    See OLV Zoom meeting invitation below
Our Lady of Victory    Thursday    Oct. 28th    9:00 a.m.      
St. Malachy    Saturday    Oct. 30th    7:00 p.m.      
Our Lady of Victory    Sunday    Oct. 31st    9:00 a.m.    See OLV Zoom meeting invitation below

* Eastern Standard Time.


Meeting ID: 322 068 2713
Passcode: 046463

The link will be open 15 minutes before the celebration begins.


Many have expressed deep concern following the news of the discovery of the bodies of 215 Indian children buried near a residential school in British Columbia.

The Jesuit Forum in Toronto recently published a book Listening to Indigenous Voices. In its presentation it states:
"To engage in this process, we need to listen deeply to what Indigenous Peoples are saying, open ourselves to be transformed by their words, and act based on what they are telling us so that we can begin to address injustices, heal relationships, and bring about a post-colonial Canada."

The book provides a method for 11 group sessions to do just that: listen, open ourselves, act.

If you would like to participate in these group sessions, please register at this link:

Please also invite others, especially friends and neighbors who feel that their culture is not respected, who could add a lot to the discussions.

There will be an initial Zoom meeting on Tuesday, June 29th at 7:00 p.m. to decide on a calendar for meetings. In the meantime, you can order the book at

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - October 24th
First Reading:
Second Reading:
Jeremiah 31.7-9
The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy
Hebrews 5.1-6
Mark 10.46-52
Without his cloak the blind man could be even more lost - he would lose protection from the elements. It was one of his most essential possessions. In going to Jesus, he let it go.

Letting it go is an integral part of prayer. We hand over hurts, grief, and disappointments as best we can. We hand them over to the one who loves us and gives much more in return.


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