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Monthly Prayer Intentions of Our Bishop August 2019

Let us pray that Christians discover and respond to today’s requirements of evangelization.
Social Reflection: As an increasing number of countries shut their borders to refugees and migrants, Tiken Jah Facoly, a popular African singer, shouts: “We too want to have the opportunity to study, to see our dreams come true, to have a good profession and travel” in his song “Open the Borders Open the borders.” Is not the earth a common good? It does not belong only to wealthy and powerful people. What can we do so that everyone can find his/her place on our planet?

An Answer for our Faith: Jesus left His home. He went to other towns and villages, proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. This Good News that we had the privilege to receive, He asked us to share it with the whole world. As the earth does not belong to us, and neither does the Gospel. The Gospel belongs to those who haven’t received it yet. Pope Francis talks of a Church reaching out. What is the “Church reaching out?” How can we define it? Is it not a missionary Church? A Church which doesn’t wait for people to come to her, but which takes the initiative to reach out to people? Parishes which endeavour to make a transition from a style of pastoral maintenance to a more dynamic and evangelizing style? Which missionary turn can we take? Should we focus on youth; helpless and excluded people; elderly people unable to go to church anymore: people who have been hurt by the Church; Christian initiation for people of all age groups and on others? How should we proceed?

Question to Ponder: What Good News do I wish to share today? I read over and meditate the Word of this Sunday.


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