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Fr. Albanus’ Reflections on the Sunday Liturgy

The theme of Advent is always vigilance and readiness as we wait for the coming of the Lord. Today’s readings, in the context of this vigilance, speak about homecoming. They focus on the importance of getting ready for the homecoming of Christ into our hearts and lives by true repentance, prayers and the renewal of our lives. They remind us that the comings of Jesus are in fulfilment of God’s saving plan for us, a plan He has from all eternity. In the first reading, the Prophet Isaiah speaks about the hope that the slavery of the Babylonian exiles (the Israelites) is about to end and the exiles may soon return to the land of their ancestors, Judah and their holy city of Jerusalem. He urges them that the Lord will lead them in a grand procession to their homeland and take care of them as the shepherd takes care of his sheep.

In the second reading, St. Peter invites us to get ready to go home to Heaven with Jesus at His second coming. The early Christians were under the impression that Jesus would return to this world soon and so were discouraged by the seeming delay in His return. Thus, Peter explains that God’s way of measuring time is different from ours and that God has His own reasons for ‘delaying’ Christ’s second coming. He says; “with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day.” (v8). Again, God wants all people to be given a chance and time to convert and be served. It is therefore useless to make calculation (as some do) in order to foresee the coming of the Lord for He will come suddenly like a thief. So Christians should not lose heart, but should keep up their commitment so that “new heavens and a new earth” may finally come.

The Gospel tells us, through John the Baptist, how we should prepare to receive Jesus our Saviour’s “coming home” into our lives during the Advent by repentance and renewal of life. Mark presents in this passage the mission of the John the Baptist. John dressed in a strange way and lived an austere life. By this Mark is telling us that John is a new Elijah, preparing the way for the Messiah. John too lived in a desert like the Israelites and ate wild food. John was inviting everyone to join him in that desert in order to repeat the experience of Exodus and start a new people that would be led by the new Moses – the Messiah. He preached that the appropriate behavior for those preparing “the way of the Lord” was to be baptized “as they confessed their sins.” He wanted the Jews to prepare their lives for the Messiah by filling in the valleys of prejudice, levelling the mountains of pride and straightening out their crooked paths of injustice and immorality. John the Baptist is saying the same things to us today. We are invited to review our lifestyles, to break away from a style of life that is irreconcilable with a new world where peace is to be the fruit of justice. Let us use these days of preparation for Christmas to ready ourselves for Christ’s daily coming and second coming, remembering that the second coming will occur for each one of us on the day of our death, or on the Day of the Lord, whichever comes first.


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